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You haven't been everywhere if you haven't been to Moosehead Lake!


Moosehead Lake Region in Maine 
Yes, it is the way life should be
The wildlife here is incredible!  You will find Moose, Black Bears, White Tailed Deer, Woodchucks, Bob Cats, Weasels, Porcupine, Snowshoe Hare, Raccoon, Red Fox, and more. We offer guides and our Moose Safari is sure to be unique.  You will never forget seeing your first Moose. These majestic animals that can weigh over 1000 lbs are a sight to see.  The bird watching is particularly amazing here.  You will find Eagles, Hummingbirds, Gold Finch, Turkey, Owls, Nut Hatches, Juncos, Ruffed Grouse, Gray and Blue Jays, and of course TONS of our state bird the Chickadee. Did you know that the Peregrine Falcons dwell among the cliffs here?  With Eric and his expertise as a Master Maine Guide your experience is sure to be a memorable one. 
Moosehead Lake Region has been quoted by such great writers as Henry David Thoreau as to its beauty!
Many books have been written about our great region.  Our rich cultural heritage of the Penobscot Indian Nation and the Wabanaki People make the Maine Highlands a very special place to visit. Tribes were attracted to this region thousands of years before the first Europeans settled because of it's incredible resources and the rhyolite, used to make stone tools. 


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